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Today's Thought

You have to hit rock bottom before
you know which dirrection to go in.



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I have had a rough past year and a half. I almost lost my husband to lung cancer but he made it thank God. And recently I had surgery on my right foot which is coming along fine so of course I now have a "WICKED" head cold that I am working on getting rid of! Always something LOL! If I can survive the holidays I hope to get back into drawing. Have a blessed holiday season with your family and friends. You never know when you might lose one or the other!

Added week beginning 12/12/2015
Animated 3D Signatures pg 26

Added week beginning 07/05/2015
Cute and Cuddly - Everyday tubes - pg13

Added week beginning 10/12/2014
Cute and Cuddly - Halloween tubes - pg5

Added week beginning 10/21/2014
Cute and Cuddly - Halloween tubes - pg5

Added week beginning 11/02/2014
Cute and Cuddly - Thanksgiving tubes - pg2

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